Service Divisions
WORKUS Studio utilizes cutting-edge tools and old-world craftsmanship to produce both digital and physical 3-dimensional models. The team boasts expert-level familiarity with Universal Laser Systems V-460 and X-660 laser cutter machines. The physical model is perhaps the most effective tool for visualizing the spatial impacts of design decisions. With an array of 21st century technology available WORKUS Studio can bring any design to life at any scale with remarkable precision. Allow us to push the limits of physical representation to bring your next project to life. Tools Utilized:
Glue, tweezers, magnifying glass, soldering iron, tape, Universal Laser Cutter (V-460 & X-660), green cutting mat, straightedge, xacto knife, dremel, sandpaper, jigsaw, drills, LED’s, fiber optics, Google Sketchup Pro 2013, Autodesk Autocad, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop